Return Policy

Runner products are cut from a roll, are considered a custom order and are therefore are not returnable.

The Stair Runner Shop is confident that you will be pleased with your purchase. Our process prevents the need for returns since we recieve the vast maojority of our material prior to shipping to a customer. Returns are only accepted on the rare occasion that a product is defective. (The policy and process for this type of return is outlined below. Additional information and instructions will be provided on a case by case basis.) Dye lots may vary and are not considered a defect. Color calibration of computer monitors also vary.  

Be sure of your purchase:  We are not responsible for incorrect customer measurememnts and strongly suggest that you order a swatch or have seen the product in person. Please contact us prior to ordering if you have questions about the material itself or the quantity needed for your specific project.

At The Stair Runner Shop we do everything we can to ensure accurate photographs and descriptions of our products, but color calibration of computer monitors can vary. We recommend that you see the product in person before ordering.  A swatch may be ordered  or a full size sample can be purchased at varying cost depending on the product - please Contact us  for details.  In any case, a swatch or sample of the product(s) you’re considering will allow you to view the color, texture, fiber, and pattern in the light of your own home - however the dye lot of a sample or swatch and the actual product can vary. A cutting from an existing dye lot may be available in some cases, for varying costs depending on the vendor. It is important to understand that runner material is considered custom since it is cut from a roll and therefore can not be returned for any reason other than the rare occasion that there is a defect. Please refer to our return information below and contact us with any questions before placing an order.

All Runner widths are Stated or Approximate. Runner width may turn out to be exactly as stated - but can vary by more than an inch. However, if there is a width difference, we often see about a 1/2 inch difference from the stated width. A variance in width is not considered a defect. If you are very concerned about the width of your runner, a cutting can be ordered from the runner material in stock with the vendor. This is generally at a cost of the 1 foot price plus shipping and is non-refundable.

Runners are Custom Orders

Please note that all hallway or stair runners are cut from a large roll to the specific length that you indicate, and are therefore considered custom orders and therefore cannot be returned.Stair rods and hardware are also considered custom and cannot be returned. We recommend that you take careful measurements for the amount of material you need, and request a product swatch or sample if you wish to ensure that you will be satisfied with the color and fiber you have chosen.

Defective Products

It is very rare that our customers receive a defective product since the majority of our material goes through our hands before shipping to a customer. However, we require that you inspect all of the products in your order immediately upon receipt. Do not cut, install, or alter the material in any way if you believe it is defective - this is the industry protocol expected by all carpet and rug manufacturers.  In the rare case that your order is defective or damaged, please contact Eileen Hunyadi and explain the situation within 2 business days of receiving your order. Eileen can be contacted by phone, at (203) 888-5566, or by e-mail at:

Our manufacturer will request photos of the defective product.

In some cases the product must be shipped directly back to the manufacturer. SRS will provide any necessary information. You must ship the product according to the manufacturer's shipping information, including the Return Authorization (RA) number, or other shipping instructions. You must wrap the product securely, label it as the manufacturing company requests and make it available for pick-up.

In other cases, SRS will provide you with the Return Authorization number (RA) and shipping instructions for shipment to us. You must wrap the product securely, label it as requested, make it available for pick-up, and follow the shipping instructions provided.

In any case, you must ship the product within 3 days of receiving the shipping information.

The Stair Runner Shop must be notified as outlined above before the any return will be accepted. Products shipped back to us or to our manufacturer without an RA number may be refused and shipped back to the sender at the sender’s cost. No product that has been used, soiled, cut, changed, installed or altered in any way will be accepted as a return. You must ship the product according to any return shipping instructions.

Once the manufacturer or SRS receives your shipment, it will be inspected. If we find that the product is truly defective,  the material will be replaced with the a new shipment of the same design, size, color and quantity. In some cases this replacement order may fall into a back-order. Please note that our policy is replacement and not a monetary refund for a defective product. If we find that the product is in fact not defective, it will be shipped back to you at your cost.

Shipping Damage:
We take a number of steps to prevent shipping related concerns. Materials will be securely wrapped for shipping. Contents and packages are documented with photographs prior to shipping. Your runner materials and packaging are not intended to be left outdoors or left out in inclement weather. The majority of our shipments require a signature at delivery due to value and to help avoid weather related damage or theft. (we will not be responsible for weather damage or theft) Once we ship your package, a shipment email will be sent. Its contents will breifly address these topics. Tracking information will offer signature and delivery options.  When making arrangements for delivery, choose a covered secure area. 

Damage that occurs during shipping is exceedingly rare. This damage is the responsibility of the shipping provider but you must take specific steps if you receive a damaged package and so that we can provide a resolution and hold the shipping contractor accountable.  

IMPORTANT  - We will facilitate a shipping damage claim on your behalf but you must take the following actions:

 - Immediately take notice of and report to the driver any damage to your package at the time of delivery and BEFORE opening.

 - Document all damage with photographs BEFORE opening the package.

 - Carefully open the package. Runner materials have finished edges - DO NOT use a knife to open.

 - If you feel that an item you received is damaged or incorrect, initiate contact with us within 48 hours of receipt. For more information please visit our Shipping Policy.