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How is The Stair Runner Shop different from other online retailers who sell stair runners and rugs?
Product selection is the first thing that sets our business apart, but the differences do not stop there. No other retailer matches The Stair Runner Shop in craftsmanship or experience - Please Read Our Reviews. Every day we customize stair runner carpets to fit  the unique layouts of our customer’s homes, and we will be happy to customize a runner or rug for you!

Why is a stair runner better than basic carpet?

Most noticeably, a stair runner is much more decorative than broadloom or carpet. More importantly, however, stair runner products are woven, patterned, and are intended for stair use. Most broadloom available in carpet stores is of tufted construction, and solid in color and texture. Stair runners,  when properly installed and maintained, can last much longer and maintain their beautiful appearance for years.

What kind of material is a runner made of?

Runners are woven using either wool or synthetic pile fibers. Regardless of the fiber, each product is constructed the same way on the same types of looms. (a few exceptions include flatweave or hand tufted products)  Both wool and synthetic products come in an array of qualities and prices, but synthetic fiber is typically the less expensive choice. Our product selection is split nearly in half by wool or synthetic options. Because The Stair Runner Shop’s selection is so large, hundreds of choices are offered in each fiber. You may search our inventory by fiber through our Stair Runners page.

Are wool runners better than synthetic?

Because each fiber has its own benefits, it is difficult to compare wool to synthetic. In general, they may differ in appearance (color and texture), wear differently, and represent different price categories. Synthetic products tend to be less expensive, but are still of high quality. We provide customers with detailed information regarding fiber differences, but find many people will choose a product simply because of its color and pattern.

Does my runner need an End Finish? 
In most cases it is not necessary to finish the ends of a runner when installed on a staircase since it often ends on a vertical surface - generally the top and bottom risers. However, when a runner is to end on a landing or used in a hall it requires an end finish since it is ending on a horizontal surface. We primarily suggest two different types of end finishes, explained on this page: Please visit this page for a full explanation of end finishes.

How do I measure and determine the footage I'll need for a Stair Runner Installation?
Measuring for a straight stair runner is a relatively simple calculation based on the number of treads and number of risers you have. You will have one more riser than tread is a run of stairs becaue there is one at the bottom and one at the top. Treads = the horizontal component you walk on. Riser = the vertical component between each tread. Example: If you have 12 treads and 13 risers, on a straight staircase you will need 20 linear feet of material. This is a straight staircase in a home with a standard first floor ceiling height - a higher ceiling results in a higher stair count and will need more footage.  NOTE: this example is ONLY for a straight staircase with no landings, angles curves or other attributes. This footage also assumes you have a typical tread + riser total dimension of 18" to 19"

Please use our calclator for your Straight Staircase project:  

The calulator asks only for your tread count and will automatically fill in the riser count, and footage result. 

How do I measure for and order a stair runner with a Custom Landing?
Please visit this page for more information about our custom stair runner services and a link to a landing quote form:  CUSTOM RUNNER SERVICES - Learn More  
 - When a landng quote form is submitted, we will reply via email with a quote including the custom fabrication work and runner footage needed  for your project.  In general that information you will include to fill out the form is: your runner product choice, the type of landing you have, landing dimensions, landing direction and a break-down of the stair counts above and below the landing(s).
 - Please Contact Us more details or with any questons about our stair runner products and services. will need to determine runner footage for your project. 

Width:  What is the best stair runner width for my stairs?
The largest selection exists in 2 width categories. A 26" to 27" runner width is most common for a staircase width of 39 inches or less. A 30" to 31" wide runner is often best for stairs 40 inches wide or more. Although fewer choices, 36" wide runners are also available for extra wide stairs. How much wood should be exposed on the sides? Since stairs (and halls) vary in width - even within one staircase, and runner products are are made in specific width categories, there is no "rule" for the amount of wood exposed. It often comes down to preference. Appropriate scale of the runner width in relation to the stairs is most often the best approach. For example a very wide staircase may look odd with a 26 to 27" runner, while a narrow staircase may be overwhelmed by a very wide runner.  If you seek a specific exposure on the sides, you will need to consider a custom made runner - Please Contact Us if you need a custom width.

How do I maintain a stair runner?
There are basic, but important steps you can take to maintain and prolong the life or your stair runner, area rug,  or any carpet in your home. First, we advise our customers to remove shoes prior to entering carpeted areas, this cuts down significantly on soil which can be very abrasive. Secondly vacuum often! Third, ensure that the hard-surface floors in your home are kept clean; soil on hard surfaces is carried onto the carpet. Have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Soil not only makes your carpet appear dirty, but it also is abrasive and causes damage to carpet fibers, which is the cause of appearance changes. These appearance changes are commonly referred to as wear, but are actually caused by damage. The lifespan of your carpet will be maximized and damage can be mitigated by following the steps listed above!

How long will my stair runner last?
The answer to this question has to do with your household, the expected use, and how well you care for the stair runner. Use of a staircase in a home that includes multiple young children and/or pets will be very different from a home where just two adults reside. The most significant issue affecting appearance is maintenance: Please be sure to vacuum your runner often and avoid walking on it while wearing shoes. If you are unsure about which products will fit your needs best, or if you would like more information on caring for a stair runner, please contact us! We will be able to suggest products that fit your needs and your budget the best.

How should a stair runner be installed?
A stair runner should be installed over dense pad, with very small, well-hidden staples. This keeps the carpet from shifting or moving. This method of installation is the safest and the best for maintaining the carpet’s appearance. Carpet that has movement does not last as long. Please ask your installer of choice if you have specific questions about how your stair runner will be installed.

How long does it take for a stair runner to be installed?
The amount of time it takes to complete the installation itself depends entirely on the staircase. Standard straight staircases can take as little as two hours, whereas complex projects can take more than a day. The Stair Runner Shop can prefabricate your stair runner to the unique landings or turns in your stair or hallway. Prefabrication will cut down on installation time for your installer. This is done upon request, so please contact us if you wish to utilize this service. For specific installation times, contact an installer in your area.

Do you carry decorative stair hardware?
Yes, The Stair Runner Shop has a great selection of Decorative Stair Hardware in many finishes, styles and prices ranges. Please note that these products are NOT intended for installation, stair runners must be secured on your staircase using staples. Decorative stair hardware is intended to add beauty and elegance to your home. You can see examples of these products on the Decorative Hardware page of our Photo Gallery - online purchase/pricing and detailed information will be added soon. In the meantime, please contact us for that information.

Do you carry area rugs that match the runners?
Yes, The Stair Runner Shop has many coordinating area rugs and stair runners! Not all stair runners have a matching area rug. However, there are many options that do! Our area rugs range in size from small accent rugs to large room-sized rugs. Online purchase/pricing and detailed information will be added soon for these products. In the meantime, please contact us for that information.