Custom Double Landing Fabrication, Ship Cost May Vary


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Price: $350.00
Custom Double Landing Fabrication
Left when ascending the staircase
Right when ascending the staircase
Square/Rectangular. This type of landing turns twice, a "U" turn overall - Please Include Any Additional Info Below



How do I order a Custom Double Landing? The first step to order this service is to establish the footage need for your project. One component needed is  runner product choice since pattern repeat is a variable affecting footage.  Please submit the form below to begin this process - we will reply with the footage needed and costs associated with the project:     Click here to fill out our Double/"U" Shaped Landing Quote Form

Please Contact Us or Call for more details.

All Custom Fabrication work is completed by Owner, John Hunyadi   Click here to see more examples of John's Double Landing Work 
A landing that creates a "U" turn is one that we refer to as a Double Landing. For this fabrication we will need a very specific dimension of the landing length (span) or ideally a paper template. Please Contact Us for More Details. Shipping cost on a landing like this can increase since the package will be oversized - genrally this will add $50. as seen above.

Pad seen in some of the photos above is a separate purchse.

Shipped Landing Fabrication Details:
 -Footage is based on customer supplied data/photos, landing dimensions/stair counts and using 19 inches of material for each step  which is tread + riser total. This is a safe number with few exceptions. Please let us know if your stairs when measured are larger than this.  (often a tread is 10 to 11" deep, riser is often 6 to 7" high and when wrapping the nose a total step measurement will be 18 to 18.5") 
 - A Double Landing fabricatin requires that the customer supply a paper template - this is a fairly simple process which we will be happy to explain as needed. 
 - Landing fabrication causes waste due to pattern repeat and pattern placement - your final roll will not be the full length ordered, but has been calculated based on your data to accommodate the project you've described with this waste in mind. 
 - A fabricated landing will be shipped at the top end of the long roll. It is intended to be installed first, working down the stairs below the landing. The remaining footage is cut on site at the bottom of the lowest riser (where it meets the 1st floor) This material is then brought up to be installed on the stairs above the landing.
- Shipping:  Custom Double landing orders will total over $500. While most of our orders over $500 ship for free, a Double Landing fabrication results in an oversize package, and will incur an added shipping fee of at least $50.00  (this fee represents the typical difference in our cost over that of the amount we regularly absorb with our free shipping  policy on most orders over $500) Please see our Shipping Policy for more details.